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It's just a notebook with no abstract text.
I use to think there are a lot of beautiful things around myself. like sometimes I'm smiling, sometimes I'm crying, sometimes I'm intoxicated with the fantastic imagines, all the things force me to think about the world. they're interesting, and I have to recored them everywhere, everytime, I want record everything I am feeling. as enjoy to tell, I like capture that feelings and observed here, to show, to tell and to the share. I think photo is not too much abstract as text, it could show the most intuitive things that I want to tell. so, without text, the imagination is what I am loving.
I am kEvin. aka kEvin1986, kEvin Clim. born in 1986, living at Beijing, in China.
Infact I am a bit pessimism man, so there's lot of darkness elements on my photos, people may afraid about this style, but donnot forget that they're the stories, they're what I want to talk. Hope you will find the wonderful things of their own.
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